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Creative Spaces

the art of the studio

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Please take a minute to read the info before you post!

Creative Spaces is a community for artists and craftspeople to discuss their studios. We'd love to see where you work! Feel free to post pictures (please use the lj-cut if they're big).We'll talk about organization and storage and anything else relating to our workspaces. If you've got a tip on keeping your area clean or organized, please share it with us. If you've found a really cool storage idea, we want to hear about it! If you know of a book or a magazine article that we should see, please tell us!

That said, this is not a decorating community. Please don't post pictures of your living room, kitchen or bedroom, etc., unless that's where you create. Our members have workspaces of all sizes: some have a whole room, while others have just a corner. We'd like to see any size workspace, as long as it's a workspace!

Thanks for keeping it on topic!

A few rules:
*Please, no selling!
*Be nice!

This community is moderated by lauralei and redtastic