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help me pick out a chair!


It's been my second time moving in the last 6 months... and while moving can be a pain, being able to re-decorate is hands-down the best part. My new bedroom is half for leisure and half for my studio/business, so staying functional but inspiring is important for me. The theme for my new room is using a lot of the grey palette with touches of glamour with the usage of leather and mirror accents.

I'm trying to find a good office chair for my space, but want to find something aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. My heart is pretty set on a white chair (ah, so dangerous!). Below are the chairs I'm choosing between:


1. Swivel Office Chair in White Genuine Leather, $202
2. High-Back Designer Leatherette Office Chair in White, $213
3. IKEA Skruvsta Swivel Chair, $149

Let me know which chair you like best!
Or does anyone have a white leather chair they suggest?

Although getting a white chair is really risky because of the dirty factor, my heart is so set on it! Have any of you purchased a white chair before? How has your experience been?

The room is STILL very much in progress... I'm still waiting for my white leather bedframe to come in (similar to:, and haven't finished decorating. I'm posting photos so you get a feel for the space, if that helps you suggest which chair you think fits best...



Sorry for the crappy photos, they're taken at night with my cell phone. Hopefully I'll get more photos up once the room's done! 

Thank you!
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