Joey (guywithmonsters) wrote in creative_spaces,

Here's some pictures of my studio. I cleaned it yesterday. It's the first real cleaning and final "set up" since I moved in. I had put it off until the plumbing was worked out. I bought a tiny cottage last October and my studio is most of the second floor. It gets light on three sides :-)

Facing back of the house
"Clean" studio facing front of the house
My Studio Assistants
Studio Assistant 2Studio Assistant

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Nice job! I wish I could get myself into some sort of order.
Sark poster = win. I think I have the same one. It used to hang in my atelier, back when I had an atelier. ;) Also, is that a vintage radio in the background of your second picture? I have similar studio assistants. They're great to have around right up until they walk on your work to nag you about wanting some treats. Also I have found that cat hair on the scanner = constant annoyance, but they're still worth it. ;) I see a pinwheel! +10. I think it's a rule that every studio must have at least one opened box in it too.
I see Modge Podge and tempera paints, what sort of work do you create?
Love the Sark poster and your assistants are adorable.