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small space

I live in a teeny tiny studio apartment in downtown Montreal.

I'm moving out of my place next month so I wanted to grab a few photos of the highlights. This little nook is my favourite thing about where I live. The sunlight coming through this window is the only thing that lights my apartment, other than a small entrance way light and a lamp I've attached to my easel.

a couple of minutes after I took these photos, a bird flew at my window. The hit knocked my vintage xray slide off my window sill and totally shattered it. It was a gift from someone who has really inspired me, so I'm sad to see it go. Other details in this photo: a letter press print my best friend made for me, slides of old paintings (2004) and doll feet.

the pig was a gift from one of my current professors.

an old polaroid with a squished quarter. Next to it is a painting from a series I'm working on. Above those you'll find a self portrait of my older sister that was a gift to me for my 18th birthday.

scraps of fabric I've dyed and treated. behind it is an old watercolour painting.

cool thanks. :}
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