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Colorful Creative Space

I have had this amazing beautiful quilt my grandma made as a display for her fabric shop, and she gave it to me as a gift for my birthday when she saw how much I loved it. It has a few of my fav. colors in it (except the pink) and I love the child-like theme of it. I decided to try hanging it again to display it, and I did not measure the length of it first, so now it is bunched on the floor. I plan to use safety pins to 'hem' it up tomorrow, but are there any other suggestions? I would otherwise try to see if the wall is wide enough, get another pole, and hang it horizontally, because then my cats couldn't get ahold of it so close to the floor. If I did hang it that way it would be bunched up like a shower curtain, do you think it's worth doing that?
Also, I did have a very nice modern glass dining table there, but when I tried to move it to take a picture of the quilt, the legs of the table bent at the top and one fell off. I live alone, so it was very hard to get the leg back up, take the 40+ lb. glass top off and then take apart the table itself. I have it stored in my bedroom. The single screw holding each leg to the top part of the table are not enough to hold the weight of the glass top. Whomever designed this table, and the guy that sold it to me without telling me this are idiots. I will have to either try to find stronger screws that will fit, or buy a new table and get rid of this one. Unless I can get a thinner, lighter glass top? Anyway, at least I can see my quilt now and I never used the table much anyway.
I just wanted to show off this quilt, and my new 'creative space. If anyone has any ideas for a cheap, or on sale, modern colorful area rug, please let me know! :)

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