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our home


Hi everyone!
My name is Anastasia. I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine.
Let me show you mini-loft (veeeery small) where I live with my creative husband Alex  :-)
All what you see, we design and did by ourself, so wellcome to our home :-)


Here is our bed, Van Gogh, our oil paintings from the vacation on the floor and to the left you can see Alex's table and his shelfs.


Here is Alex table again and to the left you can see the back my table and all my creative space :-)
When we don't draw, we use the painter's case as a coffee-table.


Here is our antique phone (by the way it's real old siemens :-), antique clock (Alex's grandfather bring it from Austria as a war trophy), the bookshelfs with books, dolls and other staff.
On the floor under the bookshelfs there is unfinished commode, which Alex will finish soon :-)
Next there is Alex's guitar. We don't find the good place for it.
Near the guitar there are ramed photos. We'll hang them on the wall above the bed.


Here is my little world :-)

Hope you like what we did with our small apartment :-)
Thanks for your attantion ;-)

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