k (modeles) wrote in creative_spaces,

hi, my name is kristine. i'm a senior fine arts seminar student at montserrat college of art. here is my studio at school! these will serve as "before" pictures because i plan on painting a wall and getting a better desk & chair set up. i'm using the schools illustration table and plastic chair right now and it's really uncomfortable.

the above picture and following 2 pictures are from my "ideas wall". i'm trying to stay organized because the space is so small.

the blue is the color i am planning on painting that wall. i am only painting that wall though because i need to hang work that is in progress or completed on the two remaining walls. the paper inside the frame is a sheet that my faculty advisor has to sign every week when he does my studio visit.

the other two walls are "in progress" work because i haven't completed anything yet. or maybe i have and i'm just not sure.

my messy workspace. i hate this desk! i want to make one with sawhorses and wood.

i also really need a cheap rug because the floor is nasty and everything i put on it gets dirty. it would also be nice to be able to sit on the floor, my preferred working position. the box is full of collage materials- national geographic, toast catalogues, encyclopedias, coloraid, etc. it's really heavy!

i really like to work on plywood so i have piles of it. i just wish i had more space to work larger in this studio.

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