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School playground conception [10 Apr 2012|12:32am]

School playground conception. Architect Ilya Sibiryakov
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Me in my office. [01 Jul 2011|09:56pm]


If any of you are interested, please check out my website, cosmicwitch aka: miumachi.blogspot.com.
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Work @ Home [25 Mar 2011|07:57am]

[ mood | creative ]

I photographed the home of the amazing Melody Miller, who created the uber cool, vintage inspired textile line: Ruby Star Rising. Melody, her house and her work are featured
on my blog along with a mini mag and giveaway! The mini mag is new thing I am doing and it is so fun. To see the post & enter click here...

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Advice on workspace area in studio apartment? [06 Oct 2010|07:29pm]

  I've been living in a dorm, and I just moved into a fully-furnished studio apartment. I'm looking for advice on how to arrange the furniture. Ideally, I'd like one half to be my sleeping area and the other half be my studio/workspace, as I'm an art major.

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help me pick out a chair! [12 Sep 2010|03:10am]


It's been my second time moving in the last 6 months... and while moving can be a pain, being able to re-decorate is hands-down the best part. My new bedroom is half for leisure and half for my studio/business, so staying functional but inspiring is important for me. The theme for my new room is using a lot of the grey palette with touches of glamour with the usage of leather and mirror accents.

I'm trying to find a good office chair for my space, but want to find something aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. My heart is pretty set on a white chair (ah, so dangerous!). Below are the chairs I'm choosing between:


1. Swivel Office Chair in White Genuine Leather, $202
2. High-Back Designer Leatherette Office Chair in White, $213
3. IKEA Skruvsta Swivel Chair, $149

Let me know which chair you like best!
Or does anyone have a white leather chair they suggest?

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Tips and Ideas...help? [01 Sep 2010|07:20pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I don't know if this is allowed, I'm sorry if it's not! I didn't see that it said it wasn't allowed so...

I'm about to organize and "decorate" my craft space in my hobby room. I also have my TV and such in there.
So I am looking for ideas to organize it all, in a way that can also decorate that room ! ^^

I mostly work with making jewelry so there's many beads, jumprings, chains, charms, tools...you get the idea ;D
But I also have scrapbook papers and such.

So...ideas? Maybe even pictures?

I can take a picture of the craft area the way it is now if you think that could help you help me ;)

(hope this post made sense, I seem to confuse people a lot lol)

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[02 Aug 2010|08:54am]

Here's some pictures of my studio. I cleaned it yesterday. It's the first real cleaning and final "set up" since I moved in. I had put it off until the plumbing was worked out. I bought a tiny cottage last October and my studio is most of the second floor. It gets light on three sides :-)

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School library interior. [04 May 2010|10:11pm]

This is a school library interior in Medellin, Columbia. Architect Ilya Sibiryakov for CBOB.

school library interior. Medellin, Columbia. Ilya Sibiryakov for CBOB

Check out complete project.

Comment please!
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The Selby [28 Mar 2010|09:12pm]

Today I found out that I am only one of three with "the selby" as an interest; the selby being a beautiful collection of artists' creative spaces. The implied obscurity struck me as slightly blasphemous, so hereby some allurements!

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small space [04 Mar 2010|01:13pm]

I live in a teeny tiny studio apartment in downtown Montreal.

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[16 Jan 2010|01:59pm]

Hello! I'm a knitter with a TON of yarn, and moving into a pretty small apartment in about a month.  I can't think of any way to store so much yarn! My crafting area will be set up in a small corner. I want to be able to store it in a way that allows for me to get to it without having to dig through a huge tub. Most shelves I've seen aren't deep enough to store skeins of yarn without them drooping over the edge.

I love thrifting and re-purposing, so I'm down for any suggestions at all!

Here's my collection:

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Colorful Creative Space [13 Jan 2010|02:36pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I have had this amazing beautiful quilt my grandma made as a display for her fabric shop, and she gave it to me as a gift for my birthday when she saw how much I loved it. It has a few of my fav. colors in it (except the pink) and I love the child-like theme of it. I decided to try hanging it again to display it, and I did not measure the length of it first, so now it is bunched on the floor. I plan to use safety pins to 'hem' it up tomorrow, but are there any other suggestions? I would otherwise try to see if the wall is wide enough, get another pole, and hang it horizontally, because then my cats couldn't get ahold of it so close to the floor. If I did hang it that way it would be bunched up like a shower curtain, do you think it's worth doing that?
Also, I did have a very nice modern glass dining table there, but when I tried to move it to take a picture of the quilt, the legs of the table bent at the top and one fell off. I live alone, so it was very hard to get the leg back up, take the 40+ lb. glass top off and then take apart the table itself. I have it stored in my bedroom. The single screw holding each leg to the top part of the table are not enough to hold the weight of the glass top. Whomever designed this table, and the guy that sold it to me without telling me this are idiots. I will have to either try to find stronger screws that will fit, or buy a new table and get rid of this one. Unless I can get a thinner, lighter glass top? Anyway, at least I can see my quilt now and I never used the table much anyway.
I just wanted to show off this quilt, and my new 'creative space. If anyone has any ideas for a cheap, or on sale, modern colorful area rug, please let me know! :)

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a couple of pics from my studio [07 Oct 2009|09:04pm]

The large framed print on the right is Paul Rucker's "Dionysus" -- LOVE it, lots of inspiration.

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our home [06 Oct 2009|06:16pm]


Hi everyone!
My name is Anastasia. I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine.
Let me show you mini-loft (veeeery small) where I live with my creative husband Alex  :-)
All what you see, we design and did by ourself, so wellcome to our home :-)

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[05 Oct 2009|06:29pm]


hi, my name is kristine. i'm a senior fine arts seminar student at montserrat college of art. here is my studio at school! these will serve as "before" pictures because i plan on painting a wall and getting a better desk & chair set up. i'm using the schools illustration table and plastic chair right now and it's really uncomfortable.

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New Studio [12 Sep 2009|04:07pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hey there, Cassie Marie here, I'm a art student studying in northern Michigan, I work in a variety of mediums including printmaking, sculpture, embroidery, sewing, comics and plushie art. This is my first real studio and the only place I have ever been able to stay in for more than 10 minutes. I would love any feed back on my small space =) Thanks so much!

My totoros welcome you...
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Help? [12 Sep 2009|03:22pm]

I would love to have my own creative space, but I live in a small apartment and not much room to make a space. I have a little room in my bedroom, but would love some ideas! I like to do crafts and some hand sewing (at least until I can get a sewing machine), I like to alter hoodies and tshirts, etc. and I like to make cards and books and stuff. Any suggestions you might have would be great! I don't have storage yet, but if I can get a dresser, I could use my wire cubes system for storage. What do you think?
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[24 Aug 2009|10:20pm]


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hope you enjoy.
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[04 Aug 2009|12:14am]

  I painted my room this week, trying very hard to emulate Alix's room from The Cherry Blossom Girl.  These are the results :)
Picture 331 by you.

Picture 334 by you.

Picture 333 by you.
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sewing room. [19 Jun 2009|07:24pm]

hello! here are some photos of our new sewing room.. it is in the upstairs of our 2bedroom, 2floor apartment in portland, maine. the room was originally our bedroom, until we swapped it over to the smaller of the rooms. i'm loving the larger space :)

(click each photo to see it larger)

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